Workplace Intelligence with Personal Insight

Before the first day of work at a new job, we all prepare. We select our first-day-of-work outfit, ensure we have our favorite mug ready to go if we are coffee drinkers, pack a lunch if needed, and run through how much time is needed to get to work on time. Preparing for the unknown can be tricky. However, knowing how to be most the effective as a supervisor and/or colleague in the workplace based on your unique personality gives you an added advantage to be successful from day one.

What are some additional tips that will help you to make that first day of work great? If you have a few extra minutes as you are prepping visit to learn more about your strengths, weaknesses, workplace habits, relationships, and more. Gain insights on how to understand others and get a personalized personality driven roadmap to success.

16Personalities breaks down each personality into one of their four main categories: the Analysts, the Diplomats, the Sentinels, and the Explorers. Each main personality category has four unique personalities within them.

Analysts are intuitive and thinkers. They embrace rational and excel in intellectual and technological pursuits. The personality types in the Analyst role- Architects, Logicians, Commanders and Debaters.

Diplomats are intuitive lean more on counseling others, promoting cooperation and harmony while creating deep connections with others. Advocates, Mediators, Protagonists, and Campaigners are all listed under the Diplomats category.

Being observant falls within the Sentinel personality category. Logisticians, Defenders, Executives, and Consuls personalities look to seek order, security, and stability. They define themselves by their individualism based on their character and competence.

Lastly, the Explorers category is defined as observant and prospecting possessing ingenuity, self-reliance, quick thinking, and enthusiasm. Virtuosos, Adventurers, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers all fall under the Explorers personality category.

Once you complete your 16Personalities test, click to read about your personality’s inner strengths and weaknesses along with what truly motivates you and why you may or may not agree with all that is said about you. You may want to take the personality test again, thinking this must not be right only to find that you once again are given the same five little letters that somehow define you.  On the other hand, you may find that the personality category that you have been given is spot-on and describes you completely.  Either way, if you agree or disagree with your results, you have learned more about your motivators, ideals, and what stresses or worries you. The Latin phrase “scientia potential est” dating back to 1668 meaning “knowledge is power” still rings true. While the phrase is up for interpretation so are most things. However, the phrase often implies that the knowledge and education of one’s potential and his or her abilities in life will increase, thus improving reputation and influence, aka power.

You don’t need luck on day one of your new job, just strength and knowledge of how to be the most effective and successful you.