Best Workplaces 2022 Finalists Presented by Hendrick Health – Small Business Category

Just because these businesses are small, does not mean they are unimpressionable!

Each finalist for the inaugural Best Workplaces small business award has displayed quality workplaces and happy employees! Here is the list of the small business finalists sponsored by our friends at Holland Hearing Center.

Small Business Best Workplace Sponsor Holland Hearing Center

Blizzard & Zimmerman Law Firm

Blizzard & Zimmerman creates a supportive, flexible, and developmental atmosphere.

Blizzard & Zimmerman’s work life balance

The employees manage a suitable work life balance and have consistent support in finding growth opportunities for each employee.

B&Z spends time finding opportunities and implementing new procedures which constantly allows their employees to grow professionally and personally.

Blizzard & Zimmerman has a familiar atmosphere.

Described “harmoniously in balance” the employees are one big happy family!

This includes the employees’ family too! It is not unusual for kids to grab an afternoon snack or wait in the lounge while their parents finish up work.

Communal workplace

The employees of Blizzard & Zimmerman Law work together, bringing their diversified skills and passion to each client’s case. The staff goes above and beyond in finding the best outcomes for all their clients; striving to make a difference for their customers and the world.


Grain Theory

Grain Theory has a strong culture in the workplace and a commitment to belonging in the Abilene community.

Company values

The business has developed five values that define their culture and ensure a healthy workplace. Grain Theory values an open, honest work environment, treating others as equals.

  1. Quality
  2. Experimentation
  3. Education
  4. People
  5. Authenticity

Thankful for their employees

The business is thankful and appreciative of their employees and finds a variety of ways to express this. The owners have a unique way to maintain their high standards and emphasis on quality by encouraging and guiding their employees to perfection.

Caring for the community

With Grain Theory’s emphasis on valuing people, they created a space, and a business, that is all about caring for people. They provide the community of Abilene a place to feel comfortable in and enjoy time with their friends and make new friends! They are committed to Downtown Abilene and strive to play a significant role in bringing people to the area. Whether that is accomplished through great food, a friendly environment, or the fun block parties they throw, Grain Theory wants the best for the community.


My Emergency Room 24/7 + Urgent Care

My Emergency Room 24/7 + Urgent Care prioritizes their employees’ family time and provides great benefits to alleviate any stressors. This environment has an open communication environment where everyone has a voice to be heard and an input to share.

Family first environment

All employees at My ER + Urgent Care are given any means necessary to work proficiently and provide for their families. The company is flexible with time off, providing a unique and tailored plan to every situation. The administration team is very understanding and willing to listen, creating an open-door policy.

Unique employee benefits

The benefits My ER + Urgent care provide to their team is like no other. The package is unique in offering health insurance, a membership plan, and employee discounts on health care. This is very convenient and appreciated by all employees. The result to these actions makes for long lasting employees.