Best Workplaces 2022 Finalists Presented by Hendrick Health – Non-Profit Business Category

The non-profit businesses in Abilene spend much of their time giving back to their clients and the community. Now is the time for Best Workplaces to recognize their servant minded missions and spread the wealth!

Here is the list of the large business finalists sponsored by our friends at Allied Employer Group.

Goodwill West Texas

Goodwill West Texas has a strong company mission and passion for diversity and inclusion.

Mission first

Goodwill’s mission, to provide opportunities for people with barriers to employment, shapes the culture of the working environment. Goodwill West Texas tailors their mission programs to the specific needs of the community. All employees take the company mission to heart. It shapes the everyday workday.

Celebratory moments

The working environment at Goodwill West Texas is very communal. Every employee is accepting of others, regardless of differences, barriers, or disabilities. The employees celebrate each other’s accomplishments, operate with transparency, and strive for improvement in everything they do!

Hope for all

The inclusion at Goodwill West Texas not only strengthen the business, but the community.  Goodwill hires people that have major hardships either physically or mentally, this gives employees hope and the potential to succeed.

Everyone deserves a career

Diversity is at the heart of the Goodwill mission and foundation of the company. Regardless of the employee’s background or life experiences, Goodwill believes everyone deserves to make a career, and those are the opportunities created at Goodwill West Texas.


United Way of Abilene

United Way of Abilene has created a connected, flexible, trusting, and empathetic work environment. The goal is to see the Abilene community, and United Way employees, thrive.

Success is found in service

United Way uses multiple communication channels to stay connected and share the joyous moments of one another’s lives. The community of Abilene wins when the employees of United Way are successful at their jobs; this accomplishment does not happen alone. The company is proudly responsible of their brand and the employees that work together to provide the best services possible.  Every employee at United Way has the same goal, to maximize the impact made in the community.

Resources for all

United Way of Abilene’s main purpose is taking care of the community. The United Way of Abilene serves 19 counties with 211, A Call for Help which connects the communities with urgent needs and various critical resources available.  It is their mission to help improve the education, financial stability, and health of everyone who lives in Abilene. The employees get the privilege of building relationships within the community by working alongside community partners and various nonprofits.


Betty Hardwick Center

Betty Hardwick is committed to the Abilene community by participating and sponsoring numerous local activities. Not only does the company support the community of Abilene but their number one focus is supporting the clients and employees of Betty Hardwick.

Employees have a voice

The employees give a voice to the people who often have not had a voice in the community, advocating for them and their needs. The culture of Betty Hardwick puts the clients first and treats everyone with dignity and respect. They work hard to remove the stigmas from the disabilities or illnesses that clients suffer with and promote hope and second chances.

Employees are heard

Betty Hardwick Center values a flexible work life balance to their employees, this includes 3 days off a year for personal leave to recharge and rest. The administration believes employees need to have healthy time away, not only to rejuvenate, but to focus on their own family, personal interests, and having fun! They provide a full range of insurance and retirement benefits, and offer a quarterly bonus based on years of service. Betty Hardwick has a diversity council that is made up of our current employees to ensure each person that their cultures and beliefs are understood and recognized. The overall mission of Betty Hardwick is to empower people to live their best lives!