Best Workplaces 2022 Finalists Presented by Hendrick Health – Medium Business Category

These companies are finalists for the inaugural Medium Business Best Workplaces Award. And not medium like average or a middle child, but companies that go above and beyond while only being medium in size.

Here is the list of the medium business finalists sponsored by our friends at First Financial Bank.

Medium Business Best Workplace Sponsor First Financial Bank

Coleman County State Bank

Coleman County State Bank values not just their employees but the employees’ families as well. They prioritize promoting employees experience and education as the company grows.

Gifts for the family

This truly is a family first company. The annual Christmas party is an opportunity for the company to give back to the children of the employees. Toys are purchased by CCSB, wrapped, and given out by Santa Claus to the children attending the party.

Coleman County State Bank supports the families by honoring the employee’s children. Each employee’s child that makes the A/B honor roll. When a child turns in their report card, they have an amount of money put into a savings account. When they graduate high school, they are presented a check for the entirety of the balance. This acts as a both a savings mechanism and a reward for their hard working in academics. Family support makes the employees feel valued.


Communities of Abilene FCU

With a family-oriented work environment, comes a positive atmosphere. The joy in the office reflects to the members of Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union.

Room to grow

There is always room to grow within Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union. Employees have the opportunity to enhance their skills and be promoted.  The administration notices each employees’ interests and hard work in all of their tasks ensuring satisfaction throughout their time at Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union.

Lending a helping hand

All the employees at Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union help each other with tasks, no matter the hired position. Everyone is willing to clean up a mess or help a member to the car, offering care and concern for one another.


Condley & Company LLP

Condley & Company LLP has a flexible and community forward environment.

Community first

Condley & Co. encourages their employees to serve on nonprofit boards and other community activities that interest them. The administration also allows employees to attend related meetings during the workday if needed. Condley & Co. sponsors the employees children’s sports teams and fundraisers for nonprofits adding to the family environment.

Endless opportunities to learn

Condley & Company LLP invests heavily in training and development. The technical skills are a big component of the company, but also leadership and professional development skills. There are internal and external trainings that elaborate on the various skill building techniques for Condley & Co. employees.