Best Workplaces 2022 Finalists Presented by Hendrick Health – Large Business Category

Large and in charge! These large businesses are finalists for the Best Workplaces Large Business award. Each company has big achievements for their big business… did I mention this is for large businesses?

Here is the list of the large business finalists sponsored by our friends at Cedar Gap Wealth Management.

Small Business Best Workplace Sponsor Cedar Gap Wealth Management


Funeral Director Life

Funeral Director Life has a strong desire to create the best working lifestyle for their employees, which means creating a flexible and open environment.

Company goals

The goal is for the company to be a place where employees not only develop professionally, but grow in mind, body, and soul. The leadership of Funeral Director Life strives to demonstrate what it means to have a servant’s heart, be helpers of people, be focused on our mind, body, and soul.

The benefits

Funeral Director Life has numerous resources and benefits for the employees to complete a strong work-life integration. These resources include a nurse practitioner, physical trainer, and a Director of Wellness. The Director of Wellness is also available to provide body scans, nutrition advice, workout plans, and mental health advice. There is also an employee fitness center available to employees and their immediate family members 24/7. These unique employee benefits extend the care and support of the employees at Funeral Director Life. The company is always looking for creative ways to increase employee satisfaction.


First Financial Bank

This is a prestigious company that sets forth a standard that prioritizes fulfilling customer needs while maintaining accuracy and building relationships while maintaining professionalism.

One team, one dream

First Financial Bank encourages their employees to celebrate their diversity and use their unique backgrounds and cultures to better service the community. Regardless of title, rank, or position, every employee is treated equally and fairly. All of the employees are on the same team and will step out of their primary roles to assist in any way that will benefit one another. Every employee feels valued, respected, and appreciated when coming to work.

Clear results

The culture at First Financial is very family oriented. Not just in the sense of the client’s family is valued, but the co-workers feel like family too. With the tight knit and high striving company they attain good results form from their customers. Clients recognize and truly value the dedication, time, and effort that is given from every employee.


Abilene State Supported Living Center

Abilene State Supported Living Center employees all have the same goal, to improve the quality of life for the people they serve.

Goal focused

The team of 900+ employed at AbSSLC come from various backgrounds and beliefs. Each team member brings their best qualities to work each day for one purpose: To make life better for the 248 people living at AbSSLC.

Opportunity to advance

The growth opportunities for obtaining knowledge, life/work skills, and talents is plentiful for all employees. These skills lead to educational opportunities, promotions, as well as advancement within the agency of Texas Health and Human Services.